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What is unique to work with TREE? The experts from one of the Big Four Consulting Groups of the world will be involved from the very first moment - starting with the idea and a first concept - in each project.


Why? In our projects the feasibility / profitability will be adjusted during all pre-development-steps so we reach the ultimate Return on Investment (ROI).


The Feasibility Study together with this optimized ROI supports the acquisition of the best possible tenants and operators for the project. This step is executed by TREE Operations together with experts from one of the Big Four Consulting Groups in the field of operation.


Having the best possible Concept and Concept Design, the best possible Feasibility-Study, the best possible ROI and the best operators and tenants is the basis for the fastest possible acquisition of the final investment: this will be done through the finance department of one of the Big Four Consulting Groups, to get the most powerful investors from all over the world involved and to secure harmony between the city of Rotterdam project, operators and investors.


The whole process is supported by the world class design and project development experience by TREE Experts.


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